Where’s Mohammad?

I got this joke in an email many years ago. It still makes me laugh!

Mahmoud dies and goes to Heaven where he meets St. Peter at the gates.

“I need to find Prophet Mohammad, Peace be Upon Him.”

St. Peter sends him up one floor.

When Mahmoud reaches the second floor he is slightly out of breath when he sees the angel Gabriel and tells him again he needs to find Mohammad. Gabriel tells him again to go up a floor. At this point he is thinking to himself “Wow! Prophet Mohammad is more important than St. Peter and the angel Gabriel!”

When he gets to the third floor Mahmoud sees Jesus and asks, “Mohammad! I need to see my beloved Prophet Mohammad!”

“Go up one floor my friend,” Jesus tells him.

So Mahmoud is struggling up the flight of stairs when he thinks to himself again, “Wow! My prophet is even more important than Jesus!”

When he reaches the next floor he sees a man with a long white beard and realizes it’s God.

“My Lord! I have been looking everywhere for your last, true prophet, Mohammad. Where can I find him?”

“He is here my son. But please rest first. Would you like some coffee?”

Mahmoud is thrilled and agrees.

God calls out: “Mammad! Two coffees!”

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