With Ashura two days away, the Isalmic Republic trembles

The regime’s handling of the late dissident cleric’s death has…only expanded public sympathy for the Green cause, and particularly to a more pious demographic…It has become increasingly clear that MANY RELIGIOUS IRANIANS ARE BECOMING AWARE OF A TRUTH THAT MONTAZERI STATED LONG AGO: The Islamic Republic acts anything but Islamic. 

The Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) has reportedly recognized just how ill-advised the regime’s blundering actions in the aftermath of Montazeri’s death were….

THE NUMBER OF CITIES THAT ARE PLANNING DEMONSTRATIONS IS APPROACHING TWO DOZEN.  What this inevitably means is that the regime’s problem of how to allocate the deployment of security forces in Tehran will soon take on macro dimensions…the regime has never more needed that muscle to remain in the capital.  At the same time, if security forces leave Isfahan in order to stand down protesters in Tehran on Sunday, that would leave Iran’s heartland vulnerable just as protests there are becoming more and more blistering…THERE ARE SIMPLY TOO MANY CRACKS FOR THE REGIME TO PATCH  and it increasingly appears that something must soon give.

Meanwhile, just as the regime’s need to exert force is becoming more pressing by the day, there are signs that its capacity to do so is waning. The presence<... >>>

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