Get cracking!

It is patently evident; no amount of raping, breaking bones, torturing and cold blooded murdering of Iranian men, women and children is going to make IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic survive the determined Iranian people wanting its ouster.

The eviction order has been served the outstanding question is not if rather when IRR is going to be forced to vacate the premises. With IRR’s leadership showing they are willing to go full blast Islamist on as many Iranian men, women and children it takes to hang on to power, the sooner their overthrow the fewer Iranian victims they will leave behind.  

The sane world’s talk therapy, belated condemnations and “bearing witness” speeches are as good as a three dollar bill. It is time for the sane world to join the fight not for the good of Iran and Iranians but for its own vital national interests.  

The brave Iranian people are facing amoral Islamist Rapist thugs who have no red lines, have done such barbarity which boggles the mind and numbs the senses.  Logic dictates IRR’s innate thirty year practiced M.O. will not change with couple of zingers by Western leaders.

Stop doing business with these murderers, all kinds of business which keeps them afloat. Don’t fill their coffers with petrodollars. This is a terrorist and terrorist sponsoring regime, the insurance premiums on the tankers delivering its lifeblood to China and others is not commensurate with the actual risk. There are a lot the sane world can do right this minute to hasten IRR’s eviction, get cracking!  

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