Airtight revisited

Repetition of anything even the finest things in life soon becomes a bore.  And if the repeated is an unpleasant, inconvenient truth so much more of a bore it would be.

But when truth, the harsh unforgiving truth cannot be denied, when idealism and eloquence have met their match, repetition of the boring becomes the staple of life.

The brutal reality is the escalating trajectory of Iranian men, women and children who are being raped, maimed, tortured, ran over by security forces patrol vehicles and other Islamist murdering methods.  

After the recent two days of Islamist Rapists’ blood fest with Iranians as their prey, IRR flexed its people power with a counter demonstration. The broadcasted news footages make it hard for even the most gullible of dunces to miss the lack of vigor in demeanor of the mostly middle aged and older rent-a-crowd.

IRR is light years past its glory days when Iranians giddy with the thought of newer, better and more equitable governing system willingly sacrificed all including their lives. Nowadays IRR got to pay Islamist Rapists to suppress Iranians and get rent-a- crowd supporters to march for it.

The point being dependancy of IRR on constant flow of funds, no money, even an intruption,  to pay the goons or rental supporters, no IRR, that simple. That is unless it can get its messianic Islamist hand on the regime saving holy grail of nuke, then everyone will have to learn fast to live indefinitely with the Islamist Rapists.

Before it is too late and the Iranian raping-torturing-murdering messianic Islamists with worldly agenda get to have the nuke the sane world has to step up to the plate. Airtight sanction in conjunction with out in the open unremitting moral and material support to empower the brave and willing Iranian people to overthrow this beacon of Islamist menaces is a must. Time is of the essence.


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