Validate The Blessed Mother – No Jesus, No Mohammad, Yes My Sweet, Neither Moses

At the door to the blessed Mother, the trepidation of shortcomings, all evident
The flavor of victory, though elusive, yet in sight, mesmerizingly close

All joy, no sadness, come my sweet, embrace my passion
The sweetness of love, our love, enduring through eternity, yes my darling, yet to come

My Brother, your Prophet, all angels, no revelations
Blessed Spirit, yes my darling, at the throne of Almighty, my ecstasy, and indeed yours, abounds

At the pearly gates, the angels of God, reckoning the believers, in all their glory
Imbued with ecstasy, much bliss, running over, through our very being, in total glory, all through and through

The shade of darkness, in total light, my Lord, where art Thou
At the seat of the blessed, contemplating, the very essence of creation, yes my sweet, O’ Lord, where art Thou

All enamored, from the flow of spirit, nothing unencumbered, but the passion, there within
All holy, nothing spiritual, but the total bliss, our creator, at the center of it all

My angel Gabriel, all angels, in rapture, at the very seat, of the Almighty
No flesh, all spirit, nothing corruptible, all blessed, yes my sweet, in our very bosoms

Come my darling, walk with me, as the beckoning of the spirits, overwhelm our senses
Nothing haphazard, all planned, yes my sweet, by God himself, from eternity past

No hardships, all effortless, blessed, by the touch, yes my darling, of the wonder of infinity
Nothing casual, all clothed, in beautiful lilies, in the spirit, from henceforth, to all, to be manifested

All there, nothing here, yes my darling, but the blessed Mother
No Prophets, no Holy Books, no my precious, but the work of the spirit, in its full manifestation

All along this path, not much toil, no my darling, but the glory of creation
Our Mowlana, your spirit, yes my precious, co-mingling, in all its form, for ever, and ever more

My heart, your love, blending, yes my love, till kingdom cometh
My Lord, our God, yes sweet precious, our Mowlana, all, one and the same, for ever more 

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