A year of torment for Iran. HISTORY IN THE MAKING

In 2009 I lost my beloved father, the youngest judge of his time, a man of integrity .

In 2009 I lost my aunt, the first modern woman painter of Iran.

In 2009 I lost a close friend, a good soul, to prostate cancer.

In 2009 Iran was ready for change.

In 2009 Iran voted for change.

In 2009 people asked “where is my vote?”

In 2009 people protested peacefully against fraud but were met with violence.

In 2009 blood was spilled on the streets of Tehran.

In 2009 Iran lost Neda, Sohrab, Ali, Ehsan, and so many more young people.

In 2009 the Green Movement came into being.

In 2009 in Kahrizak and Evin Iran’s children were tortured and brutalized.

In 2009 Basij used clubs and bullets, fired shots and killed the innocent.

In 2009 a little dictator showed his ugly face.

In 2009 a supreme leader turned into a dictator.

In 2009 phony trials took place.

In 2009 false confessions were made.

In 2009 a pious and respected man passed away.

In 2009 people mourned his death, resisted and fought back.

In 2009 Iran rose and astonished the world with the bravery of her sons and daughters.

In 2009 we all cried for a strangled homeland.

2009 is almost gone and 2010 is coming.

It was a bad year indeed for many.

Our only hope is to see an Iran free of strangulation in 2010.

We have no choice but to pray, hope and fight for a better 2010.

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