From a Hymn of Zarathustra.  Hear whith your ears the Best; look upon it with clear thought.When deciding between the two beliefs, each for himself before the great consummation,think that is be acomplished to our pleasure. The two primal Spirits,who reveal themselves in vision as twins,are the Better and Bad,in thought and in word and in action. And between these two the wise choose aright,the foolish not so.  In the begnning, when those two Spirits came together,thy created Life and Not-Life,and at the end the followers of the Lie shall inherit Worst Existence,but Best Existence shall be for those who follow the Right. Of the two Spirits,he that followed the Lie chose the Worst.The holier Spirit, he that clothes himself white the massy heavens as with a garment, chose the Right.So should do likewise they that would please Lord Mazda by dutiful action. The Daevas also chose wrongly between the two. Infatuation came upon them as they took counsel together,so that they chose Worst Thought. Then together they rushed to Violence, that thy might enfeeble the world of men. If o mortals, you shall hearken diligently unto those commandments which Mazda has commanded you, of happiness and pain, long punishment for  the followers of the Lie,and blessings for the followers of the Right, then hereafther all shall be well.  (from the ahunavaiti gatha)

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