The Road

Ali Abdolrezaei

Translated by Abol Froushan


Having not died under kicks and cuffs, I sprang out of sleep

I was shouting at my spouse

though what sleep   or even which  spouse?

                I am dreaming again

Love was the sunlight on the rift of our rafters

and loneliness, the night wanderer wetting the wall at the end of the alley
I am bleary again


She is dying! The madness is dying!


The night had an untouched sky

And ‘I love you’ was always lost in grandma’s stories

she used to take nightly walks in herself with me

The girl died in a bad way, poor thing!

I’m still counting the overhead wires

its birds flown out of your dream

you pointlessly pursue the stone

A finished man

who finished no job and was the eldest son of all the world’s whores

I don’t deny was me!

I am alone with my own hands

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