Iranians are animals

The barbaric way IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, treats Iranian men, women and children under its control is no secret. But all the denigration heaped on Iranians by the Islamist Rapists for the past thirty years has always baffled me.  

Although dehumanization of the enemy is nothing new, I’ve never really understood on what authority or logic a minute fraction of Iranians get the right to at best label the rest as subhuman.   

Even though it is mostly referred to as the Absolute Rule of the Religious Jurist, the actual correct translation of the linchpin and operating principle of IRR’s constitution is the Absolute Guardianship of the Religious Jurist, the so called Velayat-motlagh-Faghih.

Needless to say in cases where an individual due to some severe mental limitations cannot think and act in his/her own best interest a guardian assumes the responsibility, but the mentally/logically challenged in need of guardianship still retains the human quality and is treated as such.

Throughout the life of IRR that has never been the case, the worst of all, there has been a steady erosion of that little humanity allotted to the Iranians which has resulted in the present day situation.

Being dim-witted wasn’t enough, the show president called Iranian people disagreeing with him as “nothing but dust and twigs” and only few days ago the big shot speaker for the bussed-in pro-IRR rally called Iranians opposing the Absolute Guardianship “goats and calves”.

These guys are setting up to do some major, major culling of the Iranian “goats and calves” herd. Listen to them, they are saying it out loud, they are gearing up, remember how Rwanda got started.   Before it is too late the sane world needs to wake the heck up! Time is of the essence.

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