‘Hamas-Iran alliance harms Palestinians’

A senior Palestinian Authority official on Wednesday accused Hamas of serving Iran’s interests in the region at the expense of the Palestinians and Arabs.

Central Council, claimed thatHamas had forged an alliance with Iran in a way that harms Arab national security and Palestinian interests.

“Hamas has turned the Palestinian cause into a cheap card in the hands of Iran,” Abdel Rahim said in an interview with a local Palestinian radio station. “They have done this at the expense of the Palestinian issue and the unity of the Palestinian people and homeland.”

The PA official said that the issue ofHamas’s purported alliance with Iran was at the core of this week’s talks between Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal in Riyadh.He hinted that Syria and Iran had intervened with the Saudis to receive Mashaal.

“Hamas must give a clear answer,” Abdel Rahim said. “Are you with the Palestinian cause or a pawn in the hands of others? Are you in favor of Arab national security or are you aligned with those who pose a threat to this security? Where do you stand?”

The PA official said that Hamas’s actions and rhetoric proved that the movement has become a “pawn in the hands of Iran.”

He nevertheless urged Hamas to accept an Egyptian proposal for “reconciliati… >>>

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