Iran is on my mind

My mundane thought of the day is Iran.  Iran is on my mind these days.  I think for many of you as well.  I hear the news; i read it on IC; i discuss it with friends.  I have not reconciled my feelings towards the motherland yet.  I asked a friend whom i spend quite a great deal with when i was young and restless (that is another topic all together) how he feels about what is happening in Iran.  My friend lives in France with his French girlfriend.  He said he is kind of happy that he is not there.  He said he follows the news and reads the news; but i guess what he meant was that he does all that without much emotional involvement.  I, on the other hand, go through a ton of contradictory emotions whenever i hear something about Iran.  Is it a personal journey (just like how i mull over kids and their identity); or, is this more of the difference between the Iranians who live in US vs Iranians who live in Europe? 

I think in US we can be a very successful member of the society; lets say a heart surgeon; even if we cant speak English well.  We do our jobs, we dont mingle with the mainstream and we come home and eat our ghorme sabzi (or kabob.)  Same goes for having successful businesses (you all know of Koreans and the drycleaning business, Chinese and restaurant business, etc.)  I know of Professors whom students dont understand the word of what they are saying; yet are tenured and have secure jobs. The society lets ethnic groups to stay as ethnic as their heart desires and it does not punish it.  In fact, from what i see, they majority rather have ethnic minorities stay within their own group than mingling with mainstream (see my Bookclub and Melting Pot issues.) 

In Europe, it seems to be different.  Most of successful Iranians that i know of have been assimilated to their host countries.  Many, have married or partnered with persons of the mainstream culture.  They have accepted and have adapted to the host country.  The ones who have stayed ethnic, on the other hand, are in the margins of the society.  As socialist as the European countries are, it seems to me that they do not reward ethnicity.  As we see in France with the Arab population that despite its growth in numbers still lives in getto like neighborhoods; the same with Turks in Germany; and perhaps Pakistanis in England.  The logic is that if you wanted to stay with your own culture, why are you here then?  And, if you are here, then you must adapt to our way of life.

I, personally am going through a lot of emotions because i have not cut my emotional connections to the motherland.  Every news gets me; and every image stays with me.  I know why i left; but i look back often.  In fact, these days i question me much about why i left…  I have stayed very ethnic, i feel.  At work, i dont need to be mainstream.  I am climbing the coporate ladder fine, despite being ethnic.  At home, i can choose to stay away from the mainstream.  I have not assimilated well, i suppose and i have not been punished for it either. 

I wonder then, perhaps the European model is better?!

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