The good Islamists

The Wall Street Journal reports Obama Administration is tilting toward backing the “Green Movement”.

Provided it does not mean what unfortunately most signs point to this is fantastic news.

Since the lion’s share of press coverage and access to halls of power have been given to representative of the “pragmatist” faction of  IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic headed by Rafsanjani; it stands to reason that is the faction Obama people want to back.

If so, then they would be making as monumental a mistake as the Carter Administration made with its regional policy. It so happens Brezinski the main architect of that disaster and some of his disciples including a controversial lobbyist are active in shaping  the current Iran policy.  

This much talked about bogus theory of good Islamists being a pragmatic lot and if done right could be a model for the entire troubled Middle East is a sure recipe for disaster.  The magnitude of disaster will easily top the one Brezinski’s Green Belt policy brought about which the world been burdened with ever since.

Iran is crying out for what is due her, that which will solve a whole lot of regional and some global problems. Anything but a genuine run-of-the-mill democracy, any tweaking the basic tenet of a democracy will not do. The sane world has to stop thinking of Iran as their laboratory and Iranians as their Ginny pigs. Iranians deserve better and as history has shown will not tolerate for long anything less.



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