Soraya  Sepahpour-Ulrich and Hillary  Mann-Leverett ( Pro Regime) confront Azadeh Moaveni ( Pro Green) on Al Jazeera with host Riz Khan – How will Iran deal with protesters? 5 Jan 2009. Fortunately Azadeh Moaveni was there to balance the hostile views expressed by not only Leverette and Ulrich but also the listeners in their Q&A’s …

This has been the Most One Sided Talk show I have ever seen to date in distorting the reality on what is going on today in Iran:

Part I:

Part II:

Recommended Watching:

Flynt Leverett & Hamid Dabashi: Iranians do not want to overthrow the Islamic Republic:

Recommended Reading:

The State of the Opposition is Strong: A response to the most infuriating op-ed of the new year by Abbas Milani



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