Is it really complicated?!

Honestly, in light of all the grand things that are happening right at this moment in the whole world, I am not sure if it is right to have the pity concerns that i have, and to blog about it too!  But, what can i say.  As much as i am from the generation who witnessed the revolution in Iran and had a very socially conscious youth; i have to confess that i have lost most of it and am now much more interested in the ins and outs of everyday mundane issues in my life.  I was a much more giving person when i was young and lived alone!  In fact, i know whenever i am left alone (rare moments) i become a lot more tolerable person.  It is the kids, the boss, the husband, the in-laws, the mainstream mom’s, etc…

Anywho, my mundane thought of the day has in fact to do with the war years in Iran, when i was a lot more mature person and had all the answers.  My memory was triggered when i read Shazdeh Asdolah Mirza’s story about war days and Kabobi’s (and people who owned them.)  Those were dark dark days; a lot of fear in the streets, as well as in the classrooms where my friends and i were at that time.  

I remember how some Khahar Zeynabs would walk in with their Chador Chaghchoors, giving us all a glimpse of their small handguns hanging on their belt, losly covered by their Chadoors.  For some reason, Khahar Zeynabs were always late to classes and our professors never objected to them being late.  They also missed a lot of classes; and the professors never failed them for missed classes either.  Oh, and they never aced the Maaref exams; you know, the courses that were shoved into our throat after the colleges re-opened.  To our surprise, Khahar Zeynabs would barely pass these courses; their grades were 10 and 11 at most!

Now that i think of it, Mousavi’s wife reminds me of them.  Who knows, she could have been in the same institution as i was at the time! To me, she looks like she could have been a Khahar Zeynab back in the day.  That perhaps explains why i never warmed up to the idea of Mousavi and his wife being my president and first lady!  Those days, we all were very much intimidated by these Khahar Zeynabs.  And, we were as much scared of being stopped by Pasdars and Basijis in the streets and being taken to the Comites for Bad hejabi, or for holding hands with boys.  Mousavi at that time was all over the news; just like he is now; but of course in a different way.  We wanted to be as far away from them as possible and our goal was to keep a low profile; get our degrees, and get the hell out of there.  And that is what we did.

So, here we are, some 30 years later; most of us accomplished what we wanted; that would be to get the hell out of there and be as far away from the likes that Shazdeh Asdolah Mirza describes and many of us have experienced first hand.  Then, why cant we be just happy and dandy?! Is it really that complicated?!

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