Iran: The Green Movement and US Foreign Policy

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich: . . . I think there’s nothing
new that the West is painting a distorted image of what’s going on in
Iran.  I also want to mention that it’s very normal to have political
dissent in any country.  Iran is not unique in that sense.  But what’s
happening is by distorting the image of what’s going on, political
dissent, in Iran, it’s not doing the political opposition any favor. 
The opposition in Iran, whatever they do, will be blamed on the Western
media and the Western powers.  So, in a way, their movement has been
hijacked.  I do believe firmly that, although the movement is genuine,
the Westerners, especially the United States and Israel, had a hand in
it also, so it’s a combination of both. . . .  I think the biggest
difference [between what is going on in Iran and the way it has been
projected by the Western media] is that these people genuinely want
some change, and the changes they want vary: some want more jobs . . .
some want more freedoms.  But a lot of people in the West seem to think
that they want to get rid of the regime altogether.  That’s not
necessarily the case.  I was there a couple of months ago.  Some of
them just want more personal liberties.  The Western media, especially
America, wants to change this in Iran and make them believe that they
want to get rid of the regime altogether.  Reza Pahlavi,…

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