SATIRE: Shahbanou Farah and Inspector Clouseau in “The Return of the Pink Panther” ;0)

The Return of the Pink Panther starring Shahbanou Farah under the close Scrutiny of French Inspector Jacques Clouseau ( Peter Sellers). (Circa 1975, Paris, France)

About Photo of Shahbanou Farah with a French Police Officer with the typical “Kepi” hat which has been dropped by the French Police since the mid 1990’s for a more Americanized version hat. During State Visit at Orly Airport Paris, France 1975.

Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in the Opening scene of The Return of the Pink Panther:

NOTE: Notice that his boss portrayed by Herbert Lom mentions the “Shah of Lugash” who demands that Inspector Clouseau leads the investigation on the recent theft of one of the Crown Jewels by the Pink Panther.

Inspector Clouseau on Location at the Crown Jewels Museum:

Intro The Return of the Pink Panther:

The Peter Seller’s Pink Panther Films of the 1970s:


Plot of The Return of the Pink Panther:

Starring Peter Sellers, Christopher Plummer, Herbert Lom

Peter Sellers is in top form in the Pink Panther Returns as the bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau. This time around Closeau has been assigned by the Shah of the Kingdom of Lugash to track down the thief that has stolen the Pink Panther Diamond from the Lugash Crown Jewels. All evidence points to the supposedly retired thief the Phantom (also seen in The original Pink Panther but played there by David Niven )aka Charles Lytton. It is in true slapstick style that we see Clouseau bumble through one laugh out loud situation to another in trying to solve the case. Standout scenes include Clouseau going to Charle’s Lytton’s home posing as a telephone repair man, a runaway vacuum cleaner a fantastic escape by Charles Lytton from some thugs. There are many great moments in this film, and I would highly suggest it not only for a lot of laughs but for the comedic story.

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