“Wow”! $ 500 for Iranian.com

Jahanshah reacted with exhilaration for having received a $ 500 donation from a single individual and thanking the person profusely. Yes, the donor needs be thanked. Yet, it is somewhat puzzling that this contribution is the larges sum he has received and apparently a single one at that.

Question. What about all those multimillionaire Iranians ex-pats? These people don’t visit/use Iranian.com? Or, are they busy making more money and nursing the money they have? Is this how you become a multimillionaire? It is sad indeed that people who have the least material wealth often have the greatest wealth of the heart. They are the ones who dig deep in their shallow pockets and share what little they have with others in need or with worthy causes. I bet that those people– the ones with generosity of the heart are also rallying to the aid of the horribly suffering people of Haiti.

Now, let me say something that no one knows. Rich person. You can’t take it with you :)). Start sharing. Remember what Gandhi said: There is enough to meet everyone’s need, but not enough to satisfy everyone’s greed.

Jahanshah and his team of dedicated workers deserve it. We really need to do better. Are you listening Mr. Rich?

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