Alternate Future History of Persia

– Tehran, April 1, 2018

On December 7, 2010 American forces together with Israeli and British allies, launched a military attack on Persia the country formerly known as Iran. After 3 weeks of fierce fighting they managed to secure the Iranian oil-fields, sealing off one of the world’s largest supplies of oil and gas and causing the government in Tehran to collapse and surrender.

In advance of the invasion of Persia, the US and it’s allies had established a government in exile, in the ready, headed by the exiled King Reza Pahlavi II, combined with key Persian scientific thinkers, artists, and entrepreneurs whom had lived outside of Persia since the islamic revolution of 1979 ousted the previous Pahlavi King.

Just 60 days after the initial invasion, the terms of the surrender were signed, after guarantees of limited immunity were made to the remaining leaders of the Iranian government. The islamic leaders finally conceded power and the regime fell after 30 years of brutal rule.

3 years after reclaiming his father’s throne, as he had promised King Reza Pahlavi II removed himself as head of state, and cast the first ballot in the first free election in Persian history, establishing for the first time, a democratic and free Persia.

In late 2011, Iranians voted overwhelmingly in a national referendum to change the name of their country from Iran back to Persia, reclaiming their long and rich heritage as one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

Today Persia is one of the leading developed nations of the world and in 2012, Persian scientists and engineers discovered the now universally used Solaris II solar powered automotive engine, which single-handedly eliminated the need for petroleum as the main power source of automobiles and industry in the world. During the previous Petrolithic period, Persia was able to channel vast oil and gas reserves towards funding the research and development of alternative energy technologies and today is the world’s leading developer and licenser of non-polluting and renewable energy technologies for industrial and commercial applications.

As a result of Persia’s technological contributions to the world, the global change in climate which was a looming disaster in the early part of the century as a result of the world’s dependence on fossil fuel, was thankfully avoided, and CO2 levels in the earth’s atmosphere were reduced primarily due to an unusually high level of natural renewal in the world’s flora and fauna which converted the excess CO2 to Oxygen.

In 2013, the Dodo bird, thought to have been permanently extinct, was discovered by Persian explorers in an uncharted island off the coast of Chile. In 2014 Persian scientists proved the existence of the Unicorn, long thought to be a mythical creature, alive and well in the thick wild Apple forests of Tajikistan, thought to be the original Garden of Eden.

In 2014 Persia won it’s first soccer World Cup, and has consistently made it’s mark in both the winter and summer Olympics as a leading medal winner. Persia has also turned out numerous world champions in both women and men’s tennis after years of convincing Andre Agassi to become the country’s official tennis czar.

In 2015 Persian scientists established first contact with life on another planet with their discovery and successful communications linkage with the alien race, on the orange planet named after the Persian word for the Persimmon fruit, Khormaloo.

Persia is scheduled to produce the first solar powered manned space flight in 2020, on the heels of the success of the first solar powered airplane, the Asha-eh, which flew from Tehran to Paris in 2016 in under 3 hours. Thanks to advances in Persian Solarnautics, today’s sky voyagers  enjoy broadband Internet access, video on demand, ample leg room, and Persian cuisine for up to 800 passengers on the now routine voyages across the skies of the world.

Today the President of Persia is Shohreh Aghdashloo who enjoyed a brief career as a film actress in the early part of the 21st century, but after losing her first election of the Mayor of Tehran to former Pop singer Googoosh, dedicated herself to a life of politics.

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