Iran’s “second revolution” – again

Cyrus Safdari over at the Iran Affairs blog recently put together a partial list of hype for a “second revolution” or “end of the IRI regime is near” that’s been published in the Western media over the past three decades. To all you anti-IRI cheerleaders out there, have a look at what these so-called experts were claiming back then (and now):

Is Iran nearing point where revolution is spent?
Geoffrey Godsell.

The Christian Science Monitor
July 30, 1980

Political infighting in Iran casts doubt over future
of revolution
John Kifner.

The New York Times
Feb 9, 1981

Renewed unrest in mullah-ruled Iran – is a second
 revolution beginning?
Ralph Joseph.
The Christian Science Monitor
August 25, 1981

Iran regime’s staying power is debated by observers
after new bombing attack.
David Ignatius.

The Wall Street Journal
Sept 1, 1981

In revolutionary Iran: rising discontent: food and
freedom are in short supply as Muslim change and war
take a toll
Claude van England.

The Christian Science Monitor
Oct 6, 1982

War could threaten long-term stability of Iran regime.

Claude van England.

The Christian Science Monitor
Feb 27, 1985

Iran regime suffering its worst crisis; war, economy,
succession void plague nation
William Tuohy
Los Angeles Times
July 10, 1988

Discontent with revolution emerges in post-Khomeini
Patrick E. Tyler.
The Washington Post
July 16, 1989

Painful rise in prices stirs discontent in Iran.

The New York Times
August 3, 1991

Iran’s revolution grows old; after 14 years, Islamic 
rules faces apathy, discontent, infighting
Caryle Murphy

The Washington Post
Feb 12, 1993

Inflation fuels discontent against Iran’s government

The New York Times
Nov 20, 1994

In Iran, the revolution unravels. (economic conditions
in Iran)
Robin Wright.

Los Angeles Times
Dec 2, 1994

The revolution erodes in rural Iran. (growing
disenchantment with religious rulers)
Kayaton Ghazi

The New York Times
Feb 18, 1995

Second revolution brews in Iran; the crucial support
of the poor and merchants is being undercut by
economic reforms
Lamis Andoni

The Christian Science Monitor
April 12, 1995

Youthful cravings are aging Iran’s revolution; As
ideology dies, voices of dissent grow louder
John Daniszewski

Los Angeles Times
March 26, 1996

Iran discontent rises as oil-based economy falls
(International Pages)
Douglas Jehl

The New York Times
Dec 13, 1998

Time is running out for Tehran regime (pro-democracy
movement in Iran is growing)(Column)
Sandra Mackey

Los Angeles Times
July 23, 1999

Discontent Simmers in Iran (Editorial)

Los Angeles Times
June 12, 2001

Iran: Soccer or politics or both? (800 arrested during
rioting after Iran lost World Cup) (International

The New York Times
Oct 23, 2001

In Iran, an angry generation longs for jobs, more
freedom and power. (International Pages)
Amy Waldman

The New York Times
Dec 7, 2001

Iran’s next revolution. (need for US support to help
Iranians fight government’s repressive
Michael A. Ledeen

The Wall Street Journal
June 5, 2002

Iran’s third wave. (the third generation in Iran is
 expected to begin another revolution) (Column)
Thomas L. Friedman.

The New York Times
June 16, 2002

The coming revolution in Iran. (influence of the
Shiite theocracy and the mullahs will soon crumble

The Wall Street Journal
July 29, 2002

In Iran, a ’second revolution’ gathers steam; Ten days
of pro-democracy protests spur militants to counter
with a show of conservative force in the streets.

The Christian Science Monitor
Nov 29, 2002

Iran’s failed revolution. (Ayatollah Ruhollah 
Khomeini) (Editorial)

The New York Times
Feb 10, 2003

Iran: Ripe for Revolution? (EDITORIAL)

The Christian Science Monitor
June 16, 2003

Pending Regime Change in Iran. EDITORIAL

The Christian Science Monitor
Jan 13, 2004

Iran’s revolution at 25: out of gas; Wednesday’s
 silver anniversary marks a peak of political 
disillusionment. (WORLD)

The Christian Science Monitor
Feb 11, 2004

Year in year, year out, its always the same in the West: the end is near for the IRI. Trouble is, for these anti-Iran cheerleaders, they’re always WRONG.

Now that’s not to say Iran doesn’t face many challenges- it does. But it’s getting pretty pathetic all the hype and triumphalism (particularly amongst members of the completely biased and out-of-touch diaspora) that today the IRI is on the brink of implosion. See for yourself. Over the years, if you were all betting persons, you’d all be broke by now!

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