ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Prince Ali Reza Cheered by Rioters (1953)

A rare photo from the San Francisco Examiner’s photo Archives. Rioters cheer Shah’s Brother Prince Ali Reza in front of the Royal Palace during demonstrations against Prime Minister Mossadegh’s government.

PHOTO CAPTION: NY March 2, 1953: IRANIAN RIOTERS CHEER SHAH’s BROTHER: Shouting Iranians carry Shah’s brother Prince Ali Reza on their shoulders in Tehran during riotious demonstrations against prime minister Mohamed Mossadegh. Rioters shouted “Give us the Shah or Give Us Death” during the demonstration in which they drove Mossadegh out of his home. As demonstrations continued today, Mossadegh Ordered the Arrest of 70 retired and active Army Officers to gain the upperhand in his war against the Shah’s Supporters. AP Wire Photo via Radio From Rome. (circa 1953)

Shah of Iran’s brothers and sisters (Musical Tribute):

Princess Shams: born 1917,died 1996
Princess Ashraf:born 1919
Prince Ali Reza: born 1922, died 1955
Prince Gholam-Reza: born 1923
Prince Abdo Reza: born 1924, died 2001
Prince Ahmad Reza: born 1925, died 1981
Prince Mahmud Reza: born 1926, died 1999
Princess Fatemeh: born 1930,died 1989
Prince Hamid Reza: born 1932,died 1992


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