What do you mean by secular JJ?

Ba Dorood JJ

Explain secular.  It actually is a non definition, in that it is a word created by Republican wing of the political spectrum to say that it is not regilious.  It is then not a positive identity.

The culture of Iran actually is secular and more in that it is older and more comprehensive than any political description, lile Democracy or Secular.  So just accept Iranian culture as the base and then put the political, and other elements in it.  We all stand on the same carpet, look at the same Damavand, share the feelings of eating Ghormehsabzi, as our culture.  That unites us more than “secular”.

So what are you on about?  And in that regard we need an institution to defend that so that the mullahs or some other political or religious or business ideology does not dissolve it.

It is very simple.

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