Shafting Iranians

It appears Karubbi along with his coworker, Khatami, both ultimate insiders of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and two of the three purported to be the “leaders” of the opposition to IRR have shafted their supporters, again.

With his repeated declarations of love and everlasting adherence to the goals of the murderous founder of IRR and its constitution, aka, the rape and murder manifesto, the other “opposition leader”, Mousavi, has already done the shafting of his supporters, again and again.

The questions remains, while Iranian men, women and children risk being raped, tortured and murdered by the Islamists and yet openly ask for an “Iranian republic”, i.e., regime change, why some Iranians in diaspora are so hard of hearing. The lobbies are duty bound by their clients to oppose it, what about others?  

It could not be that they do not know the background of these murderous Islamist Rapists; it could not be that they have not gone though this “reform” within the IRR nonsense and hopefully it could not be that they like to be at the receiving end of the shafting exercise. If not regime change, then what? What is it that they want?

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