Reza Pahlavi of Iran’s Address at the University Club Washington , D.C.

There is no doubt in my mind that the advent of Khomeini’s Islamic Republic in 1979, which turned my homeland into the cradle of modern day Islamic radicalism, was instrumental in opening the flood gates for the spread of militant anti-Western Islamic tendencies, not just in the Middle East region, but throughout the Islamic world. Moreover, it turned one of the World’s richest and most strategic countries into a launching pad for spreading state-sponsored terrorism in addition to becoming the Godfather of numerous sub-state entities that are today destabilizing the entire Middle East region.

So to those anxious in wanting to promote the Middle East peace process or defusing the Middle East as a major source of international tension and instability, I say you can spend or allocate as much money and time as you like but this problem will not be addressed by measures taken in places like south Lebanon or Gaza or for that matter in dangerous environments like Iraq or Afghanistan!

So long as the ruling establishment in Iran continues to retain its agonizing stranglehold over the Iranian people while continuously and more increasingly replenishing itself as well as its surrogates and allies with the misused resources of our nation, nothing will change aside from the fact that the danger posed to humanity and our way of life will only increase as we move forward in time.

However, it is my view that we are now at the edge of a new dawn where the fundamen… >>>

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