pictory: Allied Troops Bring Medical Aid to Iranian Children during WW 2 (1940’s)

Allied Troops stationed in Iran during WWII were composed of a variety of nationalities ranging from Soviets to British and Commonwealth Nations. Here Australian military bring medical comfort to Iranian children. (circa 1940’s)

Shah of Iran Greeted at the United Nations to plead for his country’s development (1948):

Contemporary Iran’s President Ahmadinejad Demands for WW2 Compensations:

Add Odds with Iranian People’s own demands for justice and notably the ,  It should be noted that in another Provocative comment recently President Ahmadinejad (himself born in 1956 and therefore after WW2)  said that his country suffered after invasions during World War II and he will “stand to the end” to get full compensation (See ). One can seriously question Mr. Ahmadinejad’s claims given that statistically Iran was amongst the minor few countries that actually benefitted from the War Efforts compared to many allied countries at the time and  suffered minor human casualties in a World Conflict that costed Millions of Lives worldwide. A Quick overview estimates Iranian Losses during this conflict to at most 200 military lives in a conflict that led to 62,394,200 to 78,339,200 lives world wide. ( See List by Country of Human Casualties due to WW2 ). In addition to many construction work and medical care and services delivered to regular Iranians by allied troops who definitively left Iran after the War,  the country’s army was far from humiliated  for indeed Iranian Troops were to participate at the Victory Parade in London in 1946, thus marking the end of one of the bloodiest conflicts of the century triggered by Nazi Terror. This is clearly shown in related photos below:

Iran in London WW II parade

Iran in London WW II parade (2)

More Photos:

Iran during WWII in pictory section Here

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Director Khosrow Sinai film about Polish refugees in Iran World War II

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