Islamists & China

As the coalition of forces against IRR, the Islamist rapist republic is taking a more solid form; it appears the “first government of Allah on earth” is to be chiefly backed by officially atheist Communist China, North Korea and Ba’athist Syria.

True, there are other forces like Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Venezuela, terrorist Hamas/Hezbollah and alike which the Islamist Rapists boast about their friendship. But if anything they are just like the stalk of parsley on the restaurant’s dish which the patron has paid for but except decoration has no vital use.

It is now clear that China is Islamist Rapists’ chief backer on the international scene and the only one among the veto-wielding powers. It is also clear that China, given its official claim the Iranian opposition has no grassroots and is being instigated from abroad, is no friend of Iran and Iranians. And as such it has rushed Anti-demonstration suppression equipments to IRR to solidify its position as a predator of Iran and Iranians.

It is for the Islamist Rapist backers to ask themselves why is it that their Godly regime’s chief backer is not only ungodly, it suppresses its own Uyghur Muslims as brutally as IRR does Iranians.

And Chinese Communist bosses should know their backing of Islamist Rapists and wholeheartedly assisting them in their crimes against Iran and Iranians will not soon be forgotten.



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