To All You IRI Apologists: This One Is For You

All you IRI apologists and propagandists out there.  You know who you are, the out of touch exiles sitting in Boston and San Francisco drinking your wine and telling the people of Iran that a polygamy supporting, pedophilia propagating, modernity challenged, anti-Iranian, brutal theocracy is good for them because it has achieved “great technological progress”, answer these two simple questions:

1) If the IRI is so technologically advanced, why can’t it build spare parts for its civilian aircraft and stop blaming the aircraft crashing on sanctions from the West?  Surely, a system as technologically advanced as the IRI, that can grow artificial body parts and put a turtle and a mouse on the moon should be able to build a simple engine part for a Boeing 727.  Better yet, what can’t the IRI build its own aircraft like it does its spaceships?  

2) If the IRI is so technologically advanced, why does it have to beg and pay Russia hundreds of millions of dollars for the promise of S-300 missiles (only to be conned by the Russian mob and never receive it)?  Why can’t it just build them like it does its spaceships?

In your answer, please refrain from posting links to PressTV and other IRI propaganda outlets. 


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