What are cutting edge treatment options for tumor above Pons?

The patient is a 10 years old boy suffers from a mid-brain tumor since last year. The sign and symptoms started on February 2009 with sleepiness and mild facial palsy. Primary investigations including MRI was in favor of a large brain stem mass just above the Pons with severe hydrocephaly. Emergency ventricular shunt was performed in Iran and the patient referred to a renowned academic surgeon for biopsy and debunking the tumor in April 2009. The surgery for tumor excision (partially) was done and result of biopsy revealed Pilocytic Astrocytoma Grade one. Due to tumors grade no further surgery was planned and he was taken under observation with annual MRI.

Patient’s general condition and his Diplopia became better but in November 2009 he again developed drowsiness and became sleepy.

On Mid January 2010 again the shunt obstructed and the patient went to coma due to severe hydrocephalus and emergency surgery was done for Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy in Tehran while the shunt remained obstructed. Now although he is alert and hydrocephaly has become much better, he has severe upward gaze and double seeing and mild unilateral palsy on his face and partial paralysis of tongue, which made him unable to speak right now.

We appreciate your efforts, which could help finding the best solution for proper treatment of the patient.

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