Israel Wants Severe Sanctions Slapped On Iran

(Jerusalem)  —  Another voice has
called for sanctions against Iran.
Today, Tehran began producing
higher-grade nuclear fuel and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
called for immediate and crippling sanctions against the Islamic
Netanyahu told European diplomats, quote, “Iran is
rushing forward to produce nuclear weapons.”  Earlier, the U.S. made a
push for new sanctions against Iran.
The Pentagon says it wants
the UN Security Council to approve a resolution allowing new sanctions
“within weeks, not months.”  Netanyahu believes a lot more than words
are required.
He stated that Iran is in brazen defiance of the
international community, which must decide it it’s serious about
neutralizing the threat to Israel and the world.

spokesman for Iran’s nuclear agency says the country has started working
to enrich uranium to a level of 20 percent.
Iranian officials
claim the higher-grade nuclear fuel will be used for a research reactor
in Tehran that makes medical isotopes, and is not intended for military
Up to this point, the country has only enriched uranium
to a mere three-point-five percent.
Weapons-grade uranium has to
be enriched to 80 percent or more.
Tehran informed the UN’s
nuclear watchdog of its plans for the new enrichment program after

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