Three hard-to-beat photos capture the regime’s essence (plus a few other gems)

1-3. A Photographic Display 

PHOTO A: A mullah kneels in pray at a mosque–with a gun at his side!

Photo B. Is this 12-year-old boy to Iran’s children what Neda is to Iran’s women? 

Check out this large wall photo of a 12-year-old Alireeza Tavasoli–another victim of Iran’s Supreme Billionaire and Moral “Role Model.”  Of course we can’t rule out he and Neda were both murdered by the CIA, their pimps, those they dated or loved, or even by Karoubbi or Mousavi personally in a effort to make the Holy Regime look less worthy.  

This “can’t miss it” photos, posters or buttons like this allows passerbys to make up their own minds about who is responsible for such crimes.  In this instance, they learn the victim’s name, age, where and when he was murdered and where he was buried.  The regime can take it down, but the people can post hundreds more, as with graffiti and slogans on currency.

TACTICAL SUGGESTION: Why not carry photos of this young man along with Neda’s folder when protesting the regime’s crimes?  Indeed, maybe it is time to cover every wall in Iran with photos of all KHamenei’s known victims.   It’s not just a matter of letting off steam.   It may encourage some Basilj and IRCG question to think about what a horrific regime they are supporting.

Photo C. “Death to Khamenei’ banner hangs over Tehran Freeway (and cheers up hundreds of drivers who tell friends and family about it when they get home)


“In the run-up to February 11th uprising and fearful of popular rage, the regime removes posters of Khomeini, Khamenei and Ahmadinejad from public places.”

I wonder why.   Also, isn’t it a sort of public confession to the regime’s immense popularity in spite of all claims to the contrary?   Enjoy DETAILS from National Council of Resistance at:


“…the clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), in a repulsive measure, has begun distributing forms in education centers asking students to inform on their politically active classmates by writing down their names and particulars.”

The National Council of Iranian Resistrance also reveals another futile effort at information control planned for the Big Day.   The goal is to force remaining journalists into a one-sided coverage.   Meanwhle, as a precautionary move, any journalist unlikely to cooperated has already been arrested (no real charger needed, of course!)  

Meanwhile any discerning reader will know immediately why this scheme is futile and the truth will out.



Khamenei’s militias launch attacks on Italian, French and Dutch embassies

As usual, these attacks were pre-planned  from the Very Top and the police were informed what to do.  The attackers weren’t intended to succeed (this time!)–merely to intimidate–so this time they were stopped.   Next time the diplomats and their staffs may not be so lucky, given this regime’s known historical tendencies. 

In this case don’t expect to see a single “demonstrator” arrested, let alone tortured and jailed for months and threatened with capital punishment.  That treatment is rerserved EXCLUSIVELY for demonstrators who do not reflect Khamenei’s will.  Thus, one young man faces a death sentence for “throwing stones”  while Khamenei’s vigilantes rampage everywhere, trashing dorms, mosques and homes, beating the people, shooting at Karroubi’s car, running over Mousavi’s nephew and stopping to shoot him at point-blank range. 

Meanwhile, as ordered, Khamenei’s police stand by do nothing to interfere.  Please don’t waste your time complainiong about “blatantly unequal justice.”  As Khamenei would tell us, “It’s simply Allah’s will and therefore can’t be unjust.”

TACTICAL SUGGESTION: Foreign nations would be wise to close their embassies and end diplomatic relations for safety’s sake.  The opposition should STRONGLY ENCOURAGE foreign embassies to close temporarily both for self-protection and as a sign of support for those being brutalized.  I suspect many of the regime’s diplomats would defect rather than go back home when Iran’s embassies are closed in return–a massive case of “pie in the face.”  It is also likely that such a dramatic move, with its increase sense of isolation, would further reduce the number of conservatives willing to suport Khamenei and his regime any longer.  Finally, consider the effects on the ecnomy and money flight into foreign currency. 

Could such a move break the dam holding up this regime?   Yes, there are disadvantages to the opposition should dozens of countries break diplomatic relations at once.  However, I think they are outweighed by the items mentioned above.  Go for it!

Meanwhle, it’s important to win over the working class by emphasizing the contrast betweenpayless workers and  Khamenei’s$36 billions, the dozens of hard-line, bloodthirsty multi-millionaire clerics.

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