Protests on 22 Bahman

>>> Protests Abroad <<< >>> Latest News <<< Clashes, tear gas fired: Clash with riot police: Pepper spray on people shouting “Mar bar Khamenei” in metro station: … followed by tear gas:
Peaceful protests, some with green balloons:

Photographer confronted, rampage:

Large protest at Sadeghyeh:

“Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein”

Tear gas thrown as crowds gather around Mehdi Karroubi:

Trash bins on fire in Sadeghiyeh:

Silent protest in Aryashahr:

“Ya Hossein Mir Hossein”:

Protesters being chased:

Isfahan, protesters at Sioseh Pol:

Heavy riot police presence, Tehran:

Loudspeakers blare “Marg bar Israel, Amrika, Engelis”, protesters shout “Marg bar Roosiyeh”

Tehran protesters singing “Yare Dabestani”:

Karroubi joins protests in Ariyashahr:

A young man is beaten and arrested, Tehran:

More than a 100 riot police moving towards Sadeghiyeh Sq.:

Heavy security presence, Tehran:

“Tajavoz, jenayat, marg bar een velayat”:

1: Protesters tear down Khamenei poster:

2: … stump on Khamenei poster, set it on fire:

“Koshteh nadaadeem, rahbaro setaayesh koneem”:

Protesters burn basiji motorcycle, Tehran:

Tear gas thrown at crowd, Tehran:

Crowd running away from basijis, Tehran:

Injured protester, bleeing head:

Large crowd of protesters shouting slogans:

Protesters chasing riot police:

Building barricades with trash cans:

“Een hameh lashkar amadeh, alyheh rahbar amadeh”, Tehran:

Slogans in Tehran metro:

Tehran, tension between protesters and basijis:

Tehran, basijis attack:

Tehran, government booth handing out snacks and gifts:

Tehran, “Zendaniye siaasi azad baayad gardad”:

Tehran, heavy security presence:

Tehran, “Zendani siyaasi azad baayad gardad”:

Isfahan, making fun of small pro-government rally:

Isfahan, “Yare Dabestani”:

“…Risheye zolmo bekan”

“Toop, tank, Basiji digar asar nadaard”:

“Refrendum, Refrendum, een ast shoa’ar e mardom”. Sadeghieh, near Metro station:

Sadeghieh (1), “Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein”:

Sadeghieh (2), “Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein”:

More Sadeghieh (3), “Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein”:

Protesters at Metro, “Marg bar dictator”:

“Marg bar Roosiyeh”, Vali Asr:

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