Almost everyone who has been cursed with being overweight will eventually come to know the key to resolving the core issue is the golden equation. That is energy in, food, has to be spent in the form of energy out, activity. If not, then the energy will be stored in the form of the much dreaded fat. For some lucky few this realization leads to a much healthier eating habit in which caloric intake is lowered while activity is increased resulting in healthier much happier life.

Believe it or not the situation with IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and some of its lovely opposition is very similar to the chic dieters who don’t like the extra pounds but are always looking for a shortcut to fit into that tight designer clothing.

By now it is patently evident that IRR is being supported and kept afloat by the most reactionary elements of Iranian society, lets say the fat cells. It is also patently evident that not only the bosses but the rank and file and even the marching crowds all in one way or another are financially compensated to do their assigned barbarous Islamist tasks. In other words, the overfeeding of the fat cells.

The Islamist Rapists pay for all their raping, maiming, torturing and murdering Iranian men, women and children with money. They also pay for all their international terrorism through the creation and maintenance of terrorist entities with money. Needless to say their weaponized nuke and the long-range offensive ballistic missile programs take lots of money too.

After exhausting all options including pussyfooting with charlatan Ali Shariati’s “good Islamists”, it is time to deal with the core problem.Before it is too late and the weaponized nuke program running, Iranian raping, torturing and murdering Islamists impose a devastating war on Iran and the region, the sane world has to intervene.

Putting the Islamist Rapists on a strict diet of airtight sanctions will quickly stop the overfeeding of their fat cells. Simultaneously and unrelentingly supporting the Iranian people with moral and material support will empower them to begin a healthy and happy life by getting rid of the fat cell feeder itlself. Time is of the essence.

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