End the dictatorship!

The regime in Tehran is officially celebrating the 31st anniversary of the 1979 revolution, made by the oppressed, workers and poor. At the same time, thousands of people are imprisoned for the “crime” of demanding democratic rights. But the movement continues: from the protests against the rigged elections, the struggle has moved on to demand the bringing down of the dictatorship of the new elite. If the movement for democratic rights is linked to mass struggle of the working class and the poor, the regime will fall.

– Down with the dictatorship! As the workers and poor brought down the Shah, down with the oppressors now!

– Release all political prisoners, stop the death penalty and torture

– For the full right to form parties and workers’ organisations, free trade union rights, and the right to form unions for all workers and soldiers

– Democratic rights, democratic elections for a revolutionary constituent assembly to decide on the future of Iran

– To develop the protest: For the creation of committees of the movement, to link them up regionally and nationally. Those committees should ensure and organise the free elections.

– For workers’ rights to organise, strike and to defend their living and working conditions

– Stop the use of the military against the people. Full rights to build unions for all soldiers, the right to elect their officiers, subject to recall. Dismantle th…

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