The message is clear: Israel must not strike Iran

In the sea of brainwashing, intimidation and cliches
surrounding us, it’s sometimes worthwhile to listen to a voice from the
outside, a voice no less proficient than the Israeli “experts” on
security matters and Iran. The voice of reason. Such was the voice of
the senior European diplomat who had served as an ambassador in Tehran
for about five years and was visiting Israel this week.

Over dinner in his country’s ambassador’s residence, the man
outlined his views about Iran, with which his country maintains
extensive, complex ties. This man, now about to be appointed ambassador
to Germany, continues to visit Iran, although his tenure there ended in

His message was clear and razor sharp – Israel must not attack Iran.
This would only cause harm. If anything could bring Iran closer to the
bomb, it would be an Israeli offensive, which seems imminent. The
European diplomat is convinced that Iran does not intend to produce a
nuclear bomb, only to walk on the edge and prepare for the option of
developing it. This has become a matter of national honor for the


The diplomat knows there is also another possibility, that Iran
could be heading toward the bomb, and he realizes there is no guarantee
this will not happen. And yet he is profoundly …

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