“Implement the final solution.”

The latest report by IAEA on IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is out.  Unlike during the tenure of the double talking ElBaradei, this time the report does not mince words.

Apparently there is a connection between IRR’s weaponized nuke program and their long-range offensive ballistic missiles.

The following erudite comment left at one of my blog entries should be a revelation to all those who never understood what all the opposition to the Islamist Rapists having nuclear weapons and its delivery vehicles has been all about.  Or it can be food for thought for those lovelies who have tried to explain away the repeatedly announced intention by the IRR’s leaders to annihilate a UN member state.

Mind you the intended target, the state of Israel, is no longer at the mercy of any country’s largess and can fully protect the Jewish homeland, need be, preemptively destroy the source of danger.

The problem is the source of danger is Iran which if it weren’t for the rabid Islamist Rapists occupying it, has no enmity towards the Jews and their rightful homeland, the only democracy in the region, the proud state of Israel. Not only that, Israel and Iran are natural allies, have historical friendship and Jews have been part of the fabric of Iran from time immemorial.

Now the comment exemplifying the Islamist Rapists’ mindset towards Jews:

“What AH told Hassan Nasrallahby zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:27 PM PST   


AH supposedly told Hassan Nasrallah that if Israel don’t quit it threats then Hezbollah should get prepared to “finish the case once and for all” if a war breaks out. What I want to tell AH: if Israel doesn’t quit its threats against Iran then Iran should get prepared to ” implement the final solution.”  This shoud be made public so that the world knows that with one attack against Iran, 25,000 inhabitants in Iran would be taken care off on Eide Gorbon.  If the government can’t implement the Final Solution, leave it up to the nationalist Iran proud groups that will spring up in the event of a war and finish off the fifth column.    Iran should start using all cards at it possess in the event of a war.  No more political correctness, station the army along the border to assure none of them sneaks out and then implement the final solution- nice, quick and clean.   This time around the Iranian government and Iran Youth Nationalist groups should know that Iran is a member of the Kyoto agreement.  We shouldn’t pollute the air and stink up the air with the smoke coming off of them.  Other ways are cleaner and quicker and environmentally friendlier especially in the age of Hybrid cars.  If absolute needs arise for fuel, then maybe our scientist can get creative. This article refers to pests in Iran that have been known to spread disease.  At times they have been called parasites that would suck the blood of their victims both literally and physically.  Any other explanation or reading into this article is not intended by the author.  Author simply discussing pests and rodents.  Hail to the Chief “

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