Today I learnt that one of my son’s high school mates has committed suicide. He was a very nice teenage young man who for reasons that are yet unknown to me decided to take his own life and make his parents live in hell for the rest of their lives. He was the third student in that school who has killed himself in last four years.

Two weeks ago I attended a memorial service held for a friend’s son who also killed himself by jumping from a highrise building. I knew him twenty four of his thirty years life . That evening his fiance had told him that she had decided to leave him.  So he went and jumped.

A close relative telephoned me last week. She sounded very upset. She told me that while sitting in her living room that morning she saw something fall on the other side of her curtain at a very high speed and seconds later there was a thud. A few minutes later she found out that a middle aged man had thrown himself off the fourteenth floor.

I am not sure why I decided to write this blog. May be I am overwhelmed with all this and need to tell someone how sad I feel. It is so depressing to talk about suicide specially when young people are involved. Some people call them selfish. Some people say they are depressed. Some say they are lost souls imprisoned in their confused minds and who believe they can only find freedom through death. But no matter how one defines suicide, one thing remains quite clear. Each act of suicide leaves not one but many victims and in most cases, the ones who live are the true victims.

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