Iran is regional superpower even without nukes

We can say a lot of things about Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but we cannot deny his chivalry. “By
chance” he ran into his Greek counterpart, George Papandreou, during his
visit to Moscow and was quick to warn him that one of the dangers
behind Iran’s nuclear program is “a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race,
where countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will seek to acquire
nuclear weapons.” The threat to Greece, Netanyahu hinted, lies in the
possibility that Muslim Turkey would acquire nuclear weapons.

Of course, Netanyahu forgot to mention to Papandreou what he already
knows – that there are about 90 American-made tactical nuclear weapons
in Turkey, part of the NATO arsenal, which no one knows what to do with
as Turkey has no aircraft dedicated to this purpose. Saudi Arabia lacks
the scientific infrastructure for nuclear capability, and Egypt has for
more than 25 years been debating where it will build its first nuclear
reactor. A nuclear Middle East is still a distant dream.

Greece appears to be a lot more concerned about its financial crisis
than Iran’s nuclear weapon, but the beauty of the Israeli-Greek dialogue
in the Pushkin Restaurant lies in how far the “Iranian bomb” has come.
Here is what this bomb, which does not yet exist, has managed to do:
sparked dangerous friction between China and the United Stat… >>>

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