The hovering Israeli Eitan

With an unusual fanfare Israel has unveiled its latest technological/military prowess in the form of the long-range Heron TP, a “jumbo” pilotless U2 type surveillance plane.

The timing and announced specifications of the drone including its operational range leaves not much to the imagination but to think of it as specifically designed to assist in tactical operations aimed at neutralizing the existential threat Israel faces coming from IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

With every passing day the sane world is wasting to stand up against the clear and present danger the weaponized nuke program alongside the long-range ballistic missiles of IRR pose, the closer the Israelis will be to doing something about it.

It does not have to be so; there is a much better way to rid Iran, Iranians and the sane world of the beacon to the Islamist menaces.

The Islamist Rapists are at their weakest point; the much raped, tortured, maimed, murdered and robbed Iranian nation is at the height of its willingness to do the job, but lacks the needed open-ended support.

Airtight sanctions in the form of cutting off oil revenue in conjunction with unremittingly helping the democracy seeking Iranians with moral and material support to overthrow their murderous Islamist inquisitors is still doable.  There is still time to avoid disaster. Time is of the essence.

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