Who can reform?

Have you ever noticed that monarchists (yes, it’s amazing that this species still exists) claim that because Reza Pahlavi is “innocent” by default and is a reformer of the tyranny known as monarchy/moftarchy (you could argue that all governors are part of moftarchy….)? Why? How is he any better than any monarch before him? What makes him deserve any powerful position. If you’re answering mentally in support, I hope your answer isn’t based on the fact that “what makes Ahmadinejad eligible for President?”

It’s interesting to me because I actually like this idea of slow change in Iran. Now slow as in bloody, but slow as in reflective (inwardly) and the result of actual effort by many people over time. Swift stuff is bound to be shrouded in tons of suspicion and conspiracy theory. Why is it that someone who makes mistakes in a certain regime is less likely to reform, while another one (Pahlavi a single man without any experience in running even a franchise) is a reformer?

I don’t even understand how Reza pahlavi is a reformer of monarchy: he’s not even a monarch to begin with.  

I thought about this as I read a message by him on Yahoo! news in which (don’t you….forget about him…. the simple minds song is about him don’t you know?) he proclaimed the Islamic Republic to be “racist.” I had to laugh, not because the Islamic Republic is the beacon of all harmony, but because of the very beautiful and non-racial terminology (terms for provincial folks and Turks we all love and are proud of, I’m sure) that his father’s regime time enlightened us with. You all know them. Maybe one day some bored Iranian in exile will publish a book about Iran’s racist language in general.

I just don’t get why monarchy is eligible for reform, but people who have been in Iran and are working slowly for change are ineligible or should be scrapped aside. Personally, I’m not a supporter of Mousavi, and not only because of his involvement in the 80s purge campaign. However, I can’t deny the fact that he has the power to reform Iran and Iranians. If his election loss meant anything, it was that Iranians have changed and are ready. 


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