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While not all who use some of the following arguments are what is popularly known as regime apologists, regime meaning IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, but all of its outed supporters do.

1- The Islamist democracy in Iran is a work in progress; it should be nurtured not opposed.

2- When it comes to dealing with IRR, there should be no punitive measures on the table.

3- When the top Islamist “reformists” publicly say they want to preserve the current system, believe in its constitution and their goal is to reinstitute the ideals of their beloved “Imam Khomeini”, they are just putting on an act to fool the other Islamist faction.

4-Rome was not built in a day so the popular slogan among the Islamist “reformers” which says: “It’s a marathon, not a sprint” is right on the money.

5- Any sort of help from the sane world to the enslaved Iranian people would propel the Islamist Rapists to crackdown.

6- Acquisition of weaponized nuke by the Islamist Rapists would be no impediment to change; the Soviets had all the nukes in the world and had to change.

Before it is too late and IRR imposes a devastating war on Iran, Iranians and the region airtight sanctions has to be imposed on the regime. At the same time,   helping the enslaved Iranians with open-ended material and moral support to overthrow their oppressors is a must. Time is of the essence.

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