Islamists & Nazis

As IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic gallops toward becoming the first nuclear theocracy, the sane world is still debating what to do about it.

This would not be the first time when indecisiveness and pussyfooting has caused failure to head off a disaster in the making.

Just take a look at all those lonely voices, all dismissed at the time, warning about the rise of Nazism. Many repeated their warnings ad nauseam only to be ridiculed or worst, to be ignored.

Reading few of those doom and gloom articles written back in early part of 1930s would seem they were penned recently. It would be hard not to see the striking similarity of then with now and how the ones who are warning against the rise of a nuclear packing messianic Islamist dogma with announced mission to manage the world are being dismissed as those people warning about Nazism were then.

Back then Nazis were bunch of mesmerized thugs, ready to commit the most heinous acts the Leader asked them to do and Germany a bankrupt country still licking her WWI wounds.

Granted, IRR is no Germany, but what the Islamist Rapists lack in infrastructure and technological knowhow is more than made up by geopolitics, oil, the sheer barbarity of Islamism and if they get it, nuke.

Many years ago a lone voice, Saidi-Sirjani, warned about the rise of Islamist fascism only to be dismissed and ridiculed. He paid for his farsightedness by being murdered by none other than the same group of Islamists who are being touted as “moderate” these days. The saddest thing is to wake people up to a reality they refused to confront he had to sacrifice his life in the process denying the Persian speaking literary world of his unique gift and talent.  

If for nothing else, just for the sake of posterity, as repetitive as they might seem, the warnings about the coming disaster instigated by the Islamist Rapists should be “tolerated”.

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