Was listening to Glenn Beck on his national radio program today.   The talk was about America’s move towards socialism.   He is suggesting some “entity” that Obama is a part of!! is trying to drive America into communism.   Glenn Beck calls the entity as “Progressivism” –  acknowledging the well intensions and the fact that these truly seek progress……   But that is not the point of this thread- I just wanted to give you a bit of background…

A mature lady from an ex communist country from Eastern Europe called and made the most interesting comment about the well intensions and how things always end.   She called the socialists/communists as “Equalizers” – people who have the nobility to want to make sure all members of human societies end up as equals with equal rights.  

She said: The equalizers always fail to equalize themselves.  

For me this said it all – but at the same time I must say, us Iranians are having it even worst.   What the Islamists seek has no nobility – what they seek is neither equality nor progress of any kind. 

Disclaimer to IR staff – save your comments about Glenn Beck.    This is not about him.   If you wish to discuss him start a separate blog. 

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