The end of Rapistocracy

As confronting IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic over its illegal weaponized nuke program is inching its way to the top of to do list; the options have essentially stayed the same as in the past years.

One, to do Iraq/Afghanistan on IRR and two, try to pull a South Africa on the Islamist Rapists.

Contrary to popular opinion the sane world is more than equipped to evict IRR with boots on the ground and all and need be will do just that.

To avoid the war scenario all other alternatives including diplomacy and robust application of nonmilitary pressures must be exhausted.

Every conceivable alternative including many years of diplomacy have been tried to no avail. The repeated earnest attempts at reforming the unreformable Islamist Rapists have been utter failures too. It leaves only the implementation of airtight sanctions as the next to last resort before the stealth bombers are fueled up and Marines board the transport ships.  

Should China and Russia continue to side with the Islamist Rapists; their Anti-Iranians policy will only strengthen the hand and standing of the sane world with the people of Iran.

In conjunction with a general amnesty for IRR functionaries the goal of sanctions should be to force the Islamist Rapists to accept an internationally administered referendum on the form of governance desired by the Iranian people.

Only the end of the thirty one years of weaponized nuke acquiring Islamist Rapistocracy with ambitions to rule the world would permit peace and security in the vital Middle East region. The only option left is regime change.

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