SATIRE: The Olagh has Landed ;0)

Our Tel Aviv Bureau has reported that IRI Elements have penetrated the Hamas Camps in Gaza. Our Best Spy was sent on ground to investigate. Mission Code Name: The Olagh Has Landed ! …

Allah O Akbar in Hamas Camp:

Amongst Hamas Basseejis:

Torture Scene learning to count in Arabic :

Under Cover Operation:

When our Agent is Asleep Make Sure Not To Make Too Much Noise During Your Prayers at Night:

His Name OSS 117 ( English Subtitles):

The True Story of This Incredible IRI infiltration has Inspired Jack Higgins New Novel and Major Motion Picture to come (30 Years late) at the Nearest Movie Theater Near You:

The Eagle Has Landed:

The Eagle Has Landed – Soundtrack song + Credits:

(NOTE:  If You cannot see video Click Here)

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