Obama’s pussyfooting

Listening to the New Year messages from top officials of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, one would think they must have defeated at least a couple of dozen attacking armored divisions.

The Head Rapist Khamenei who has taken to wrapping his head gear in the cylindrical shape of Ghajar’s crown in part said:

“The enemy of the Islamic republic, after a lapse of 30 years, concentrated all its efforts so that it could defeat the revolution from inside, but the Iranian nation, with exceptional resistance, alertness and determination, defeated the enemy.”

Needless to say the enemy he refers to is the peaceful Iranian people asking for their basic rights. And the victory he boasts about consists of his rooftop sharpshooters randomly picking off unarmed demonstrators, bicycle chain wielding Basiji wolf packs breaking Iranians’ bones, raping and torturing the men, women and children they take to their rape and torture centers, some of them to death.

The Iranian people did not fare any better in President Obama’s Persian New Year Message. After waiting for a whole year plus two extra months of extension, he again extended his timetable, this time open-ended, for the Islamist Rapists to play nice on the weaponized nuke and all will be fine.

the sane world has to act and act decisively before it is too late and the nuke acquiring messianic Islamist Rapists with the announced goal to “manage the world” impose a devastating war on Iran, Iranians and the entire ME region.

Imposition of airtight sanctions along with declared regime change policy consisting of openly helping fed up Iranian people aka “the enemy” with moral and material support to overthrow the Islamist regime is a must. Time for pussyfooting with the murderious Islamists is long past.  

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