Zipping it!

After the Islamist savagery the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has been putting on display throughout the past few months against peaceful Iranian demonstrators; the urgent need to confront its highly suspect nuke program has become undeniable.

Sanctions as the last tool to avoid war and yet force compliance by the renegade Islamist Rapists has become almost an article of faith. The discussion is no longer centered on the sanctions per se, rather what to do should this too fail as did the lovey-dovey approach, diplomatic cuddling and the appeasement policies of lots of carrots and no stick in sight.

Many who were dead set against sanctions are now openly advocating it. Some try to sugarcoat it with nonsensical descriptions like “diplomatic sanctions”, “sanctioning the leaders” and of course all demand effective sanctions “which do not hurt the Iranian people.”

There is no such a thing as sanctions regime which in one way or another does not hurt the people. If anyone is implying there is such a thing he/she is either lying or is clueless. Sanctions hurt and they hurt the people most, but so do wars.  

The sane world will not accept messianic Islamist Rapists who kill their own children to have nuke to load up on their long-range ballistic missiles; this simply is not going to to be allowed to become fact on the ground.

If war is to be avoided, which will be the next step should sanctions fail, such sanctions will have to be imposed which has a chance of succeeding.

Time for experimentation with the lives of Iranian people has expired, either imposition of airtight sanctions which includes oil will do the job or war will. Asinine people with asinine policies have contributed to the current dire situation; is it time yet to zip it with all the asininity?

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