Apartheid on two continents

We all have a common history
that crosses borders in terms of both country and time. Together with
black and white in South Africa, we acted forcefully, taking a stand
against apartheid and defining the evil and the good. We became part of a
historic decision, a decision that was made by an earlier generation
and led to many today being able to feel pride over our common history.

Today we can unfortunately
read analytical reports showing that the evil remains in other parts of
the world. Today we should therefore again react forcefully when this
appears, when it becomes visible. Tor Sellström has, in his work,
documented what Sweden did to fight apartheid in southern Africa. South
African researchers have now found signs of apartheid in Palestine. But
how do we use this knowledge? How does the world react?

Most surfaces are covered with post-its;
yellow, green and pink. Each post-it has its place. Not carelessly
posted on the wall, but consciously placed an exact distance from the
rest. I look around and see a pattern, but do not understand all the
codes: countries, persons, events, years, money.

The shelves are covered with books and
folders, alphabetized, based on… >>>

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