Escape from darkness, fourth part

There was a very braise or a nice wind coming toward the man. The face of the sky was dark and the clouds were marching in the sky like powerful animals or strong animals. The man with his children were fleeing, flee from the darkness of war, flee from killing and destroying flee from death given by German soldiers and death on the top of the ropes performed by people of Hitler. Hitler wanted to kill him and the people like him. If they kill him what will they do with his children? How can his children flee from the darkness of war performing by Hitler. The sound of shooting and bombing were close to him and he was trying to go faster and faster. He afraid a lot; as he had two small children with himself. In that dark and black night he with his children were running from the war, from darkness of war. The whole place was dark, the way was rough and the way bothers his feet and his children feet. The children were afraid and were crying, but he had no other choice, he have to flee. Everywhere the death were hidden and every where the bombs and shooting were heard. He saw a lot of death people on the way, they were killed by bombs or shooting. The Ezraeil wanted death and wanted death people. (Ezraeil is an angel who come and take the spirit of the people in the time that they are dying, he is angel of death.) he saw also the death yard, in that yard were a lot of rope for hanging people who protest against Hitler. And some time a soldier were seen from far behind. But he was fleeing from death and he wanted to see the light of freedom and be not in the darkness of war.

Hitler was very angry, he did not eat properly, his face was cruel and wild, in the opposite of the other his general he was not fat. He was sitting behind a table full of papers. He was very busy to read all these papers and documents. He did not to see any one at that time. He was sitting behind the table with nice uniform and a round face, in his face there were two ring of fire, his eyes, they were shining like fire. His mustache was like a square. His eyebrow and his position bring fear in most of the people. But he was not happy, he had problem, what ever he wanted to do was difficult and dangerous. To fight with many countries and nations. May be he was upset from his position. He was like a child who wants power, but he does not know what can he do with all these powers and money and respect. He was a poor painter and man from almost low class, his wish was to have a room and a place to study or work. Now he was powerful rich and very well respected and many people even have fear from him. That all was too much for him, he should adjust himself to all these position and situation. A man who wished to have a good food and woman to speak with. Now he could have everything he liked, the women wanted to speak with him and to do with him what ever he wanted. The women liked and loved to be with him and be his slaves and he can do with them what ever he wished. As a young man he did not have any serious girl friend and he did not have sexual contact. He wished to have sex with a real woman and not satisfied himself. He did not have even money to have sex contact with the prostitutes. He afraid from them also, he afraid to get sexual diseases from them. He knew that these type of women are not careful and sleep with any man. He did not have also to have sex with them, as there was only a mechanic action for him and no love with sex. But now any woman he wished could come into his bed.

He looked to a place and think a few minute about his past and now. Can he believe that he is now so powerful or so rich. Is it not a dream? He was in this condition that somebody knocked at the door, they were his SS people and spays who were working directly under him. They were very close to him and one of them wrote his speech which was like a fire and they were written in very exciting forms. Hitler also had some teacher that trained him to speak better and be like an artist. He teaches him to act and to speak like an artist in a movie or in Theater. Few minute later the Eva came in, his girl friend. Eva cam close and said to him that she want to speak with him privately. Hitler was not so friendly to her and he was worried and angry. He afraid may be to lose everything he got. His beautiful girl friend came closer to him and said, a man wish to see you. Hitler told her OK. Let him come in and Eva went out to bring a man with herself. Hitler trusted Eva a lot as she helped him and brings for him good information. She was a good help and he knows that she will not berate him. He did not think that the man may is her another boy friend. Hitler love her and trusted her almost totally. If few minutes the door opened again and a man with very confident walking came closer to him. Again the door opened again and another man came in, their walking sound was with good retimes. Hitler came out from his thinking and looked at them. The officer saluted Hitler. Hitler was a little bit happy and laughed at him. And he showed him a chair to sit. If there was not a problem of authority, Hitler wanted to hug the young man. As; he was a son of his good friend. In a few minute a soldier came in and stands there. May be he came in for more security. The soldier had a gun in his hand and a rifle over his shoulder. In that room there was the dictator of the golden age. The eagle of terror who opened his wings and his beautiful wings wanted to have all the world under his shade of the wings.

Behind Hitler was another red curtain and it moves very slowly, so may be somebody was behind the curtain and wanted to listen to their conversation. Or may be some of his security was there. Hitler looked around and went slowly to the curtains and in one act pushed it to one side. A bold, old man was there. He was standing like a statue before the dictator of the golden age. The young officer was amazed also. Hitler cried and asked more soldier come in and arrests the man. They attacked the young officer, but Hitler cried not that one, this one and pointed to the bold man. But the man was not there, he run away so fast and so rush. The soldiers did not see anything there so the stand there with respect. Hitler told them, somebody was behind the curtain and run away, he was red from anger and cried to them go and get him. The young officer left the room, too as the Hitler was like a mad man from anger and he could even kill the people next to him. He thought that the spay knew his plan now and they will destroy part of his army. It seemed that the spays have listen to his conversation with his SS people and closed friend. And they know a lot about those short conversations. The bold man has listened to all his conversation on that day. Or on that hours. Hitler tried to remember that bold man. He remembered him, he was the head of one of his security section, but he should not be in the room, behind the curtain without telling Hitler. So he should change the plan and remove some articles form those place he heard. The young man who was there ; he was very intelligent and he knows who the bold man was, he changed himself ,but the young officer knew him and to make his guess sure, he went to that man who was a head of a section. He saw the man was there. And now he was very sure. Hitler also had guessed who the man was. Hitler loved his tanks and the power of them and he wanted to have the tanks. So this man was a head of one of repair centers of the tanks. As the young officer was sure, so he took a soldier with a machine gun and went again to the man. The man wanted to flee, but the action was so rapid that he had no time to think about a flee. They opened the door of the office of the bold man and the short soldier pointed his machine gun to his body. The man was arrested and after a short marshal court or the desert court he was persecuted to be killed by hanging. He was a young man, but changed himself to an old one. The soldier bit them and tied his hand and brought him to Hitler. They bit him so much that he told them the names and the address of all his friends. So the SS people have destroyed all of them and killed all of them. Hitler was so happy as he thought by killing other people he will be more powerful. The people get more fear and respect him more. It was very horrible that dictator kills the people so easily. He does not respect any other idea and any other thinking. He wanted total obedience without any question. He thought he is God on the world and people have to do and listen to and act what ever he says. That is the problem of dictator that they forget themselves as a human being and they think they are sort of God or the God himself. They are happy in the time they see the people are dying, because they ordered it. One of the soldier later wrote to his mother. I have to be there and see how the people are dying. My over coat were so heavy on my shoulder as it wanted to kill me also. I thought that if somebody is pressing my throat with his both hands. As I was in fever and could not see properly, how a man can order the other people should be killed, because they were in his room. Hitler killed the people very fast and did not give them any chance to correct themselves or to have any mercy about them.

I thought about the nice word of Christ, who told us if somebody hits on one side of your face offer the other side of your face for hit. If the people were so nice and so lovely, the human being could live in much better condition as now. So the man who hit one side of the face, as he sees the forgiveness and love of the other side , may be he will shy and kiss the feet of the other one. This greed and love of power and money of human being is so bad, that I shy to be a human being. I was there and see how other soldiers because of command are killing other people. I closed my eyes not to see all these cruelty. The man who is fleeing of the darkness of war is in better situation as we are in the middle of the fire. I was so amazed in my thinking that I did not noticed a nail is going to my feet and after a while I feel the nail and the pain of it, a sound came out of my throat, and a soldier next to me asked me what has happened? I wish I was not born to see all these cruelty of Hitler army. I wished that I was in a dream and all what I am seeing was not real. I wished the people were so clever and could see their fault and their sins and can see their bad action and judge perfectly themselves. If the people were not so greedy and not so wild and bad, and if they could judge themselves right; the life was much better. If the people were so intelligent and could see their own negative points, so they could remove them. If the people could realize the bad action and good action. The situation will be improved. At that day I was like a drunk man and could not walk properly as I see how fast a person can be killed. In this time, somebody put his hand on my shoulder and told me. Come and see how the people are shoot and how they are dying. But I thought, lucky are those who run away from the darkness of war and came to the light of freedom. Come he said, I am also alone, come we can be together.

My duty was to see if the people who are killed are really died. He said you will not come. Have you forgotten that you have the duty to see them. I thought even may be Hitler does not want to kill so many people, but he wants to be in the top, and to be in the top you should destroy the people who are against you. Like me I do not like to see the people are dying, but that was my job and my duty. Hitler wanted to kill people easily, so the other people be afraid and be not against him so easily. He wanted the people should have fear, so they will accept him, even if he does crazy things. So in reality Hitler was also a slave of his temper and a slave of his greed and blood thirst. He is a device for his greed and his blood thirstiness. All of us are like him, we have bad temper and good temper and lucky are who, that are not the slave of the bad temper. This is in all people, but some fight with their bad habits and some let them to command them. Some people go after their bad wished like a blind man. May be each person is nice and good, but this curtain of greed and wildness cover their eyes. I say that my college is also crying, he was not agree with what the dictator was doing, but he afraid that if he does not listen to the dictator, he will be killed like other people who are killed every day like flies. My college told me that one of Nazi officer few days ago saw four people next to monitions camps. He took his gun and pointed at them and told them hands up. They were four people , but only six hands goes up, as one of them was badly injured and his hands could not go up. Now he is bringing them here to be killed. He was very bold officer and he alone managed to bring four foreign soldier who were spaying here.

I saw the officer and the people who he arrested , one of them told me, he said, I will take you for investigation and now he brought us here, with our hand be tighten. One of them was badly injured and three of them were not so badly injured. That is a tragedy to work for a dictator. You will change to be just a killer. The officer told me that he wished also to flee and not bring all these four men here. But he afraid that SS people will kill him, if he did not act cruelly. And more important than this is if we do not arrest them or kill them, as they are the soldier of enemies, they will kill and destroy us.

The colonel of German army wrote that he was a close friend of Hitler. He was trying to advice Hitler to be more clever and not so wild. But he said that Hitler is like a mad man, he thinks that he is something like god and he is very important. He thinks he is an extra man or a super person. He thinks he is much better than normal average person. And he afraid to be more direct to Hitler as he could be killed by his command as Hitler was now full of selfishness and a huge proud. And who ever will say truth to him will lose his head. This colonel was not really a human lover , but he did not like cruelty as well. He tried to fulfill Hitler’s command , but he did not also to bother people as much as he was allowed to do. And he was not like Hitler with a lot of complex and so he was some how against humanity. Hate for Jewish people, because as a child or young man the Jewish people bothered him, was not rooted in his mind as it was in Hitler’s mind. Hitler was covered with hate and wildness, he was not. It is not possible to characterized all Nazi officer exactly, but may be some of them have fear from Hitler, some of them like power and money and some of them were cruel like him. Some of them were highly educated and they could be nice professor or teacher. They had nice thinking and were human and believe in Love and Unity of mankind as the philosophy of the time of understanding and humanity. But that is the human being who is slave of his selfishness and proud and think he is better than his neighbor.. I do not want to say the most Nazi officer were nice or human, but the force of Hitler changed them to be cruel. The dictators with the money and power they have , they brain wash specially young innocent people to believe in them and than guide them to be murders and killer. They pay them and influence them that they are right and all other people are wrong. So did the Hitler, he brain washed the young people to kill the others who are against his mine, so the people afraid to show their thinking and they should be quite if they saw some cruelties. He thought the German are the best in the whole world and he believe in this. So how can some sort of human be in better condition and other people live in the worst condition. Religions and races or nationalities are made by people to make money; it is not a real matter. What is the different between the nice people if they are white, black, yellow or reddish? They should live together with love and piece. If you believe God, the God loves all his children equally and he does not make any different between his children. In none of heavenly book He told us that this race or these people are better than others. All of us should live with each other like brothers, or friends. Nice and friendly we should be with each other. But he thought differently, he thought he is the God and his friends are the only people who can live in the world. He was short and had black hair, but he admired blond and tall people. And he said they are the right people. His thinking was very far away from Godly thinking. If the Hitler wanted to fight with God? As he did not respect His words. The God sent his words by his prophets and he told in his comments to love and help each other and respect other people. I heard that Mohammad the prophet of Arabs told them, you should be nice to your slaves and not kill them, because the God created them. Even if you kill a thief or a murder, mostly the society has fault or sin, as the society did not train them to be nice and good. Nobody born as a thief or murder that is the people or society which train them in the bad way. Like Hitler forced the people to be bad and cruel, if not they will be killed by other people who are brain washed and trained to be cruel and not human.

Why a person chose to be thief, because he /she had no other choice. The society should prepare good education for him/her so and train them to be good. Hitler wanted to destroy the people who are not clever and beautiful. He wanted to create a pure race. Not by teaching and training, but by killing and destroying. Hitler as a short man wanted to kill all people who are not nice and beautiful or handsome and wanted even to kill all short and ugly people, he thought the race of Aria are the pure race and they have the right to be the master of the world and the other races should be their slave or be destroyed. How a man with such a childish thinking can be the head of the world or the leader of the world? The people who are not beautiful should work like animals and should not be respected. Is that thinking right? If even the Hitler was trained properly, may be we could save the world from his hate. If he has been accepted at the college of painting, may be instead of a bad dictator; we had a nice painter. Why some people should have no possibilities to grow and be in good position or study to be scientists? Why some people can never buy a house even if they work very hard? As long as they are honest they stay poor, in the time they start to make illegal money and take the other people money by force they get rich. Or if they cheat people they get rich. All people should have the same possibilities to come in upper positions. All rich people are not intelligent or human. Many poor people reached the place of a scientist or important man or woman. And some rich people also are murders or thieves. The child or rich and poor both should have the possibilities to be important or scientists. The human being should be free, and who works more and study more and helps more should be in a better position. The people who are active and can manage better should be in upper position. Why some people should be rich even if they did not work for that richness. The good student of a rich man should continue and a good student of a poor man should have the same chance. The society should not only give free money to the people, but should train them to be fisher and not disable to accept only fish for other people. As a bad boy of a rich man should not be accepted; just because his father is rich.

Part fifth Clara and her friends.

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