Zionists Against Zion?

Zionists have worked hard and cleverly for
their successes, but their cause has been greatly advanced at each
stage by the logic of their colonial project aimed at the creation of a
Jewish settler state at the very center of the Islamicate.

Most importantly, Zionism created a
geopolitical realignment of great importance. It brought together two
strands of the Western world previously at odds – Christians and Jews –
to join their forces against the Islamicate.

At every stage in its history, Israel
has ratcheted its power by unleashing forces, even negative forces,
which it has then turned to its advantage. Power, intelligence and luck
have played into this.

Israel’s birth radicalized important
segments of the Arab world, creating anxiety among Arab Jews about their
future. Israel fanned this anxiety, with help from agent provocateurs –
but also aided in some cases by myopic Arab policy – to force a Jewish
flight from the Arab world. As a result, Israel doubled its Jewish
population – and fighting force – within a few years after its creation.

Arab nationalism – if properly harnessed
and directed – could end the Jewish state and Western hegemony in the
Middle East. Unafraid, Israel took steps to fan this nationalism and
used it to push the US to embrace Israel, firmly and openly, as the
West’s bulwark against th… >>>

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