Returned Nowruz card to the embassy in Washington DC

Mr. Rahmani

Interest section of Iran

Washington DC


Dear Mr. Rahmani;

In 2009 your office sent me a Nowruz greeting card which I sent back to you with explicit instructions that I do not want to be in receipt of a greeting card from an embassy which is in the employ of the one of the most horrific regimes in man kind’s history.   I see once again that a nowruz greeting card was sent to me.

To make matters worse this card starts out with a meaningless Arabic rant of some kind which is followed by a congratulatory note for the 32nd anniversary of the Islamic Republic.  More a propaganda for a NAZI like regime you are in the employ of, than the glorification of the pre-Islamic Persia and the contributions it had made to human history, before Islam and the Mohammedans managed to destroy it.

Mr. Rahmani, I implore you once again to remove me from the list of recipients.  I have no affinity for this regime or your vile tactics as perhaps an attempt unconsciously on your part to save your own skin, with the people of Iran.  Perhaps you would want to be in the good graces of people like me, so when this regime is removed from power you will be given amnesty for the atrocities you have knowingly committed.  Let me be clear about the atrocities I mention here.  Raping prisoners in Kahrizak and other detentions centers (which number in hundreds) through out Iran, killing thousands of prisoners of conscious in the notorious Islamic prisons, destruction and complete bankruptcy of a perfectly functioning economy in the last thirty years.   Complacency to work with the leader of this NAZI like regime, Mr. Seyed Ali Khamenei in imprisoning, murdering Iranians and endangering the freedom and security of all member countries of the United Nations.  Working for a regime whose religious leaders boast about requesting the severest punishment(s), including disfigurement and murder of the people for voicing their birthright privileges.  Working for a regime which has direct involvement in money laundering and defrauding millions of its citizens, a regime which has the most number of its top tier leadership on the most wanted list of Interpol and FBI.

Mr. Rahmani, perhaps it is too late for you and your colleagues to request political amnesty from Americans, perhaps it is too late for you to request that the millions of Iranians who will topple this regime to pardon your crimes, but it is not too late for you to clear your conscious and distance yourself from the most notorious regime humanity has ever known.  I did, and I am perfectly happy with declaring that as the descendent of Abouzar Ghaffari owe an apology to humanity for my family having helped unleash one of the most devastating cults on our great Nation, Persia and the world. 

In the end, I once again request that the Interest section of Iran to cease and desist sending me greeting cards.  Perhaps the funds could be put to better use, feeding the millions of Iranians who are hungry and live below the poverty line.  Let this money help where the “Islameh Nabeh Mohamadi” so abjectly failed.

I am once again returning  the card accompanied by this letter.


                                                                                         Mahmoud Ghaffari A Proud Iranian-American

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