US-Iran ‘cold war’ warming up

After year-long optimism that the three decade old US-Iran standoff might finally come to an accommodation, the two sides are ratcheting up their rhetoric and in the process risk new escalation with unpredictable consequences.

This weekend’s leaked US intelligence reports about Iran’s plans to build new nuclear reactors are adding urgency to already tense relations.

Washington has taken advantage of Tehran’s nuclear programme and regional ambitions to portray Iran as a dangerous regional power that must be contained, deterred, and if/when necessary, confronted sooner rather than later.

Washington’s ‘psychological warfare’ against Tehran has been fought in the diplomatic and public opinion arenas, as well as in the Gulf where the US military has been parading it war ships.

Media leaks drip-fed by the US and Israel envisions attacks on Iran’s nuclear and military facilities as well as proxy wars against Iran’s allies.

After spelling out the Iranian threat, real and manufactured, the US has gallantly come forward to sell its ‘exposed’ regional clients expensive weapons to protect them from an ‘unpredictable’ and ‘increasingly militarised’ Iranian regime.

Good to its name, the mini ‘cold war’ between the US and Iran have precluded direct serious military confrontations for over three decades while hurling the worst possible accusations against each other. All along the real battles have been fought by proxy.

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